Wincanton racing prospects

Winterbourne Longjohns, our resident racing correspondent writes  . .

With four winners on the first four days, November has certainly started well for Harry Fry’s Seaborough yard and its supporters.

While the weather forecast is not exactly encouraging for Saturday’s Badger Brewery meeting at Wincanton with its first race being scheduled for 12.20pm if either ASSAM BLACK or  ZULU OSCAR go to the post then they should be supported. BLUE BUTTONS is also down to run in the 1.30pm and the somewhat disappointing OPENING BATSMAN in the 2.40. ROCK ON RUBY  however is the star we have all been waiting for and he should running in the 3.15. It is hoped that the Hazard Partnership’s GENERAL GINGER will make it a winning reappearance in the closing race of the day at 3.50.

Good luck to all. A fool and his money are easily partied -Ed

4 days left to save the union – or should we let them go?

You are probably bored to death with this by now – but it is fundamental and crucial.

For a controversial view of why it’s best to let them go, click here.


The Blog is back! As the days shorten, gardens and boats beckon less, the National Hunt season looms, and it’s time to blow the dust off the computer keyboard and get back to work.  Much to your editor’s surprise, several people have asked “What’s happened to the Blog?” John Macdonald, chair of the Village Hall Committee has kicked us into action by asking for an important story to be posted. So, watch this space, as they say . . .


Your editor apologises for a lengthy absence, but he doubts if anyone has really missed his impertinent posts.

We seem to be in line for a decent summer at last. Fingers crossed. Enjoy! Get out more, support your local enterprises.

Come to the Wincanton market on Sunday

Wincanton is launching a monthly street market this Sunday, September15th, from 11 am.

The Blog welcomes any initiative to liven up our nearest town and re-vitalise its shopping – it really is a case of “Use it or lose it”.

Let’s hope the initiative will pave the way for some of the empty retail properties to be cleaned up and re-let, and for the scrubland round the so-called Wincanton Gateway to be cleared and landscaped.

We hope readers will support the venture.

More details from Wincanton Window


Blogitorial – Have a soggy but happy Christmas

The expected invitation to Sandringham (and/or Chequers) has not materialised (again), so your Editor is spending Christmas in Horsington polishing his sub-aqua gear and rubber dinghy in expectation of the next deluge.

We wish all our readers and subscribers an excellent, happy and renewing Christmas.

Thanks for your support. Keep reading. Tell your friends. Write something.

And look out for the elderly, the sick and recently bereaved this Christmas.

With very best wishes, The Editor.

Don’t forget to do the readers survey – it will only take a few painless seconds


The blog apologises for a slight absence, which may have been noticed by some, or not, as the case may be.

It all began to go wrong when the hard disk crashed. New computer. Re-load and install everything (2 days) Motherboard crash. New motherboard. Re-load and install again (another 2 days).  We are still in recovery mode, but will survive.

Luckily the village has been well served by the Villager magazine, which, with its vast resources and editorial tem, always comes out on time!


The Blog has been quiet lately due to a combination of other pressing matters and the apparent lack of things to report on.

But, with the first faint stirrings of spring,  there is a bustle of news and activities in the village, after what seems like a very long winter.

The editor may have big ears, but he is not Jodrell Bank, so if you think of something that should be shared or reported, let us know.

Welcome to our latest postings. Can the editor keep it up?

Moneysense Nonsense

A loyal reader, Alfie H. Moon spotted this article promoting RBS in Monday’s Telegraph:


RBS is changing the way it approaches sponsorship by using its partnerships to deliver more benefit to communities.

Here is just one of a series of initiatives that demonstrate this new approach.


The RBS group has been teaching and promoting financial education for 17 years. Its Moneysense for Schools programme is delivered by teachers and employees using impartial, online materials accredited by pfeg, The Personal Finance Education Group.

Since 2005 the programme has helped more than two million young people to understand and manage their finances effectively. The scheme also provides impartial guidance to adults via a comprehensive website and booklet, and can help clubs to manage
their income and spending through a dedicated MoneySense treasurers’ guide. For more information, visit

Alfie Moon comments:

Pass me a new set of incontinence pants, I’ve just wet myself laughing. It’s a pity you didn’t start your programme 40 years ago chaps,when little Freddie Goodwin was still at school, it might just have saved us all 30 billion quid. And for anyone who doesn’t know what the
definition of an oxymoron is, you will find the answer at

Alfie. H. Moon



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