Silas shocks audience on his radio debut for Abbey 104 FM

The Blog’s erstwhile gardening and rural affairs correspondent SILAS SILAGE is back from wherever he has been lurking. Although he has not written for the Blog since 2011, he has been sniffing around the media scene, and recently surfaced on the Sherborne/Yeovil community radio station Abbey 104 FM.

He persuaded their star presenter Cat Paterson to accompany him on an all-night badger watch on the Bank Holiday Monday. Armed with just a microphone, she tiptoed into the woods with Silas. . . . .

(Excerpt from a Radio programme first broadcast on Monday 30 May 2016)

if you enjoyed Saturday’s karaoke, you’ll enjoy this

BloggoVisionHow can we get these guys over for the next karaoke session at the Half Moon? An amazing rendition. Earphones on and turn up the volume.


C’mon Everytbody! R+R at the Half Moon 6th February


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Mrs Badger writes

Blackmore Vale re- elects Inglefield and Wallace with increased majorities

SSDC-iconBlackmore Vale’s two conservative Councillors William Wallace and Tim Inglefield have been re-elected with increased majorities.

There is now no overall majority at the previously Lib Dem-led South Somerset District Council.

The Lib Dems have lost two seats and now have 29. Conservatives gained three seats and have 28. Independents lost one seat and now have three.

Two sitting Tory Councillors failed to submit their papers in time, denying them full control of the Council. Piss ups and breweries spring to mind.

In neighbouring Wincanton, Conservatives  Colin Winder and Nick Colbert were both elected. Lib Dem deputy leader Tim Carroll failed to gain a seat.

Lucy Wallace, William’s wife, was unlucky down the road in Milborne Port. She lost by ONE VOTE after 3 recounts to Sarah Dyke-Brache, a Lib Dem.

SSDC results 1


The History of the world in 2 minutes

BloggoVisionAn outstanding video, essential for all students of life, history, everything.

Music: Mind Heist by Zack
Hemsey (from the movie Interception)

Turn the earphones up and select full screen. Hold on tight!

(Full screen -click on the square brackets in the bottom right corner of screen)


BloggoVision Special – When dogs get bored




You may have seen the recent TV programme “The secret lives of dogs”.
No problem with our dogs, clearly some of the most intelligent on the planet.
Who knows what they’ll come up with if we leave them alone for long enough?
The technical name for this is a Rube Goldberg Machine, named after the American cartoonist. More. . .

You will need to click on the hyperlink to see the video. We do not know why the video is not being displayed properly -ED


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