Silas Silage tangles with agricultural equipment

 Silas Silage makes a welcome return with his unique brand of politically incorrect and unwoke jottings…. Hello everyone! It’s some years since I last wrote for the Blog, but it’s nice to see it reappear again after a long absence, with my old friend Mrs Badger taking up her pen to welcome the cuckoo. Talking … Continue reading “Silas Silage tangles with agricultural equipment”

Silas Silage to make a radio comeback -Updated

Update: The program will be broadcast at 5 pm. Silas is expected to appear around 5.40 Silas Silage, the Blog’s erstwhile gardening expert (see Blogs passim -Ed) is making a comeback on a new show to be broadcast live on Sherborne’s local radio station, Abbey 104 FM. He will be appearing on Cat Paterson’s drive … Continue reading “Silas Silage to make a radio comeback -Updated”

Silas Silage’s Roadkill Christmas

Fed up with turkey? Overdosed on Christmas pud? Do you run for the exit when you hear the dreaded words “all the trimmings”? Silas Silage has a festive antidote for you. Mrs Silage and I lead simple lives, and try to live off the land as much as possible, and this applies as much at … Continue reading “Silas Silage’s Roadkill Christmas”

Silas Silage’s Gardening diary – November

Silas Silage has been hobnobbing with the celebrities at the BBC, no less. Ooooh!                     My loyal readers will not be surprised to learn that eventually, in a busy and eventful life, one earns the respect of one’s peers, and enters the heady world of the … Continue reading “Silas Silage’s Gardening diary – November”

Silas Silage welcomes new wine research

Silas Silage writes ” I have always been a keen advocate of the health properties of red wine, and it is heartening to see that this has now been recognised by scientists. The welcome news that you need to drink only 13 bottles a day to enjoy the benefits means that some people I know … Continue reading “Silas Silage welcomes new wine research”

Silas Silage’s October gardening notes

With Autumn setting in, our resident expert SILAS SILAGE offers advice on what to do with your surplus fruit. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is with us, and it’s the latter I’m going to deal with today. Thanks to the warm spring and the late summer showers, the apple trees are laden with fruit, the … Continue reading “Silas Silage’s October gardening notes”

Silas Silage’s Gardening Diary

Silas Silage, our learned (and exclusive) gardening columnist is back from a long summer sojourn. But let him explain… I had a bit of bother earlier in the summer, and decided to lie low for a bit. In fact I was advised to take up secluded employment, and a place was found for me at … Continue reading “Silas Silage’s Gardening Diary”

Superinjunctions – Silas Silage named!

We promised not to report any more on the superinjunction issue. But in a shocking development, our own SILAS SILAGE has been named in connection with the latest breaking scandal.  Something to do with his last visit to a girls school, perhaps? He denies it of course. To learn more, Click here

Silas Silage ventures into education

It’s never too early to get the young interested in Gardening, says Silas Silage, our resident green fingered guru. One of the joys of gardening is the opportunity to share one’s expertise with the young. I learnt many tricks and wrinkles from my old grandad, and I never miss an opportunity to pass on my … Continue reading “Silas Silage ventures into education”

Our new gardening column – introducing Silas Silage

 Spring is a-comin’ in, writes Silas Silage, our very own gardening expert, who believes planning is the key to gardening success. With the evenings lengthening and old cock robin a’ busy in the hedgerows while Mr Worm starts his perennial task of digging out from his hibernation hideaway, spring is in the air and  it’s … Continue reading “Our new gardening column – introducing Silas Silage”