Cricketers – where are you?

We still need  cricketers for the match at Horsington against the Tabard Pilgrims on Sunday May 29. OK, it’s still 2 months away, but it’s never too early to commit.

Come on! Get those old white trousers out and get that bowling action working again!

The groundsman, Rob Hoddinott, has already been lovingly trimming every blade of grass to its regulation length and mowing the outfield.

Our opponents are scraping the barrel and employing foreign players, according to their latest blog post (although it was posted on April 1!). So we must show them what a home-grown side can do. Unless anyone knows Shane Warne….?

Horsington gears up to avenge cricket defeat

Members of the Pilgrims team relax BEFORE the game in 2010!

Horsington Cricket team is looking for players for a match on Sunday 29 May –the late May Bank Holiday weekend.

The opponents  are a London pub side – the “Tabard Pilgrims”. They are making a return visit, having enjoyed themselves so much last year.

Part of their enjoyment stems from the fact that they snatched victory following a miraculous catch on the boundary by one of their players with the implausible name of “Juggs”*, and went on to beat us by 35 runs.

This year we have to get even. So dust of your pads, start exercising your bowling arm, and volunteer to play. There will be a full social programme after the game, including attempts by the visitors to retain their place in the loo seat trophy hall of fame in the Half Moon (you have to drink a half from every tap  in the pub). Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, we believe they will dress normally this time!

We need you! Those interested should contact Andrew Tarling, Landlord of the Half Moon. email him

This match is an important event for Horsington. If the cricket pitch is not used, then we lose the legal right to play there – ever.

*All the Tabard Pilgrims have implausible names. Read their report of their time at Horsington last year.