Oil deal may not be all it seems

We have picked up a buzz about something called the Community Council for Somerset, which is offering a community oil buying scheme. For a subscription of £20 per year, you get access to great prices for oil.

According to their website, the price for domestic heating oil at the end of May 2012 was 56p per litre, a claimed saving of 5.5pence per litre.

However, a quick survey of Boiler Juice and Ford reveals virtually identical prices for immediate delivery, so there isn’t much of a saving – and you have to pay £20 for the privilege.

We advise readers to be very careful, and always check with local suppliers before signing up to these collective purchasing schemes.

Volunteers Wanted – 6 pm Saturday.

Duck lane, from outside the pub to the junction with Lower Road will be closed from Saturday night at 6pm. At that time a squad of stalwart helpers will unload tables and chairs, erect tents and prepare the area for the great feast on Sunday.

Please come along for an hour or two and help if you can. Without you, there is no street party. Just turn up with some gardening gloves. Thanks.

Changes at the parish council.

Charles James has been elected deputy chairman of the parish Council. Charles has worked tirelessly on improvements to the pond and the maintenance of the stream, and has been “mentioned in dispatches” in previous blog posts. June Woods continues as chair.

Jackie Pyne steps down as deputy chair, and should be thanked for her hard work in this difficult task.

Clash of the titans at the village hall

Thursday 7th June looks like an exciting evening. According to the revered “Villager” Magazine on this day at 7.30 in the evening, there is a Parish Council Meeting. No surprises there then.

However, on the same date, at the same time, at the same venue, the Womens’ Institute is holding its skittle evening. Should be a great chance to enjoy good sport and see local democracy at work. At least Jackie Pyne, who chairs the WI and is also a member of the parish council, can attend both meetings without a conflict of interest

We wonder if the ladies could be persuaded to move their competition to the Half Moon, which at least has a skittle alley, in order to preserve the peace of the parish.

June Diary

Something missing? Email the editor editor@idnet.com

Regular activities (village hall unless stated)

Mondays Pilates 6pm
Tuesdays Upholstery 10.30 am , Badminton 8pm,
Wednesdays Adult tap dancing 6.15
Thursdays Art 10.00, 1.30
Fridays Art 10.00

Other events

Friday 1st June Beer festival tasting, skittle alley, Half Moon 8pm More
Saturday 2nd June Beer festival,skittle alley, Half Moon, all day and every day, until the beer runs out. More
Sunday 3rd June Jubilee Street Party, Duck Lane/Lower Road, from 12 noon. More
Monday 4th June Cricket extravaganza -Horsington vs the Tabard Pilgrims. Cricket field, from 2.30 More
Wednesday 2nd June  Music Night, Half Moon, 8.45pm
Thursday 7th June  W.I  Skittles evening, Half Moon  7.30. More
Saturday 9th June  “Pawfest”, featuring Toploader, Wincanton. More
Monday 11th June  Ladies lunch group, Rose & Crown, Longburton
Tuesday 12th June North Cheriton Gardners Society, Corton Denham House, 6.00 pm
Thursday 14th June Parish Council, Village Hall, 7.30
Saturday 16 June Village Fete , School Field, from 2 pm
Wednesday 27 June Tea and chat, St Johns Church, 2.30 pm.

St John’s Church services

3rd June 9.15 Holy Communion with Sunday School
10th June 11am Morning Prayer
17th June 9.15 Holy Communion                                                                                                       24th June 8.30 Holy Communion

Parish Council – change at the top?

The only item of significance on the agenda of the Horsington Parish Council Meeting on Thursday May 10 is the election of the chairman and vice chairman, although to be politically correct we ought to call them “chairs”, as the present incumbents, June Woods and Jackie Pyne are clearly not men.

The village will hold its breath to see whether white or black smoke rises from the Sistine Chapel, a.k.a the  village hall , to indicate whether we have a change in management, or if it’s just  business as usual.

The current team have done a grand job, but maybe it’s time for a change. We will let you know.

The meeting is open to all,  and there is an open forum as usual. 7.30, Village Hall.

The party of the century – be there! -Sunday 3rd June

Horsington Village Jubilee Street Party
Everyone is welcome at the Horsington Village Jubilee party

The mighty organization behind the Jubilee street party is now in full swing. Andrew Tarling and Phil Bennett have been distributing tickets in between the showers, and volunteers are coming out of the woodwork to lend a hand.  There will be a beef and hog roast (local produce from Chris Bailward), a barbecue for Children, and live music.
The tickets cost a very reasonable £10, (including beverages, we understand) or £5 for children. Any surplus will be used to create a monument of the event, and a time capsule, to be buried in the village.

More volunteers are needed, so please offer to help


Anyone lost a cat?

Found Cat -Horsington Marsh Area

This very affectionate female cat, possibly in season, has taken up residence with us in Marsh Lane.

If anyone one knows who owns it, please telephone Libby on 07703 271 345, or email the editor -editor@idnet.com.

Solar panels near Cheritons/ Holton

The Blog's helicopter captured this view of the proposed Solar Park. The A 303 runs across the picture, with Wincanton in the background. The A357 is away beyond the left of the picture. (Click to see full size)

A 5MW “solar park” has been proposed at Higher Hatherleigh Farm, Grove Lane, about 1 km (0.62 of a mile) south of Wincanton alongside the old S&D railway line adjoining the Wincanton sewage farm .

The solar panels will be in some 33 rows about 3 metres off ground – virtually invisible from any road, but very visible from vantage points like Cucklington or the Monarch’s Way.

The 29 acre installation will generate enough energy to power around 1450 two-bedroom homes. The proposal is for the scheme to last for 25 years, during which time animals like sheep can graze between the panels, thereby preserving an element of agricultural use.

According to the solar power feed in tariff calculator on the Parker Energy website, such a system will cost in the region of £394, 000 and pay back its investment in under 13 years. The total profit over 25 years (when the current scheme ends) will be in the region of £591,000, a return of 6%.

Hatherleigh Farm lies in neighboring Holton Parish. There have been a number of objections, including from the Holton Heritage Trust, which states that the proposal will cause huge damage to the highly valued landscape of the Blackmore Vale. Although the Trust has previously supported planning applications for rooftop panels, it is strongly opposed to panel generation parks in open countryside.

They point out that the proposal goes against the Holton Plan, which has been approved by the council.

Blog comment: The Council is in a difficult position. Solar energy is a good thing, and preferred to 400 ft wind turbines. But if they permit this one, than every landowner in the area will think it worth having a go. With reluctance, we say no, simply because we would not like to see a precedent created- Ed