Silas shocks audience on his radio debut for Abbey 104 FM

The Blog’s erstwhile gardening and rural affairs correspondent SILAS SILAGE is back from wherever he has been lurking. Although he has not written for the Blog since 2011, he has been sniffing around the media scene, and recently surfaced on the Sherborne/Yeovil community radio station Abbey 104 FM. He persuaded their star presenter Cat Paterson to … Continue reading “Silas shocks audience on his radio debut for Abbey 104 FM”

The Horsington Blog is back

Hello everyone. We’re back after a long sleep. Your editor had a job, which has now ceased owing to the current crisis, and finds he has time on his hands. Maybe your old favorites Silas Silage and Mrs Badger can also be persuaded back from retirement. Sadly, our racing correspondent, the redoubtable Winterborne Longjohns is … Continue reading “The Horsington Blog is back”

Chicken course on September 3rd at Empire Farm, Templecombe

Sally Morgan will teach you about keeping a few chickens in your garden A lot of topics are covered, including the different types of egg-laying chicken and where you can buy them, housing and runs – various options and the pros and cons of each, feeding your chickens, disease, worming, dealing with mites and lice, … Continue reading “Chicken course on September 3rd at Empire Farm, Templecombe”

Gardening column

Our resident gardening expert SILAS SILAGE writes on the importance of weed control as spring gets underway. Spring is roaring ahead, with nature’s vandals trying to get a foothold in your garden before the lawn and the flowers awake from their winter slumbers to delight us with their colours and gentle scents. The rapacious fallopia … Continue reading “Gardening column”

Horsington Magazine Launched

The first issue of “The Villager”, Horsington and South Cheriton’s new magazine is now out. Unfortunately not all parts of the village have received their copies yet, including the blog bunker, so it is difficult to comment. Silas Silage, our gardening man, who gets out and about more than the editor, was able to glimpse … Continue reading “Horsington Magazine Launched”

“Three Peas” are the key to perfect vegetables

 Our resident garden guru Silas Silage advises on how to achieve vegetable heaven There’s nothing more delightful than picking your own fruit and veg on a summers evening and sitting down to a healthy meal twaddling with vitamins and goodness, straight from Mother Earth, with a little help from the April showers, May’s dazzling sunlight, … Continue reading ““Three Peas” are the key to perfect vegetables”