Fireworks round-up

Here’s our list of  firework displays in the area on Saturday. If you know of something more local, email the editor

Gillingham. Shaftesbury and Gillingham Round table have their annual Gillingham Fireworks Display at the North Dorset Rugby Club. A  huge firework  display and  large bonfire, with  guys made by  local primary school children.

Music, burgers, hot dogs and candy floss add to the entertainment.

The Round Table have been holding this event for more than 15 years now and have raised more than £40,000 for charities.

Gates open at 5.30pm, fire light is at 7pm with fireworks at 7.30pm

Sherborne Castle provides a spectacular backdrop for fireworks, There is entertainment, live music and refreshments from 5pm. The bonfire is lit at 7pm, with the fireworks due off at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 for adults and £3 for children, with under-fives free.

Yeovil Lions are teaming up Yeovil Round Table to put on what must be one of the biggest fireworks displays in the area and this year the giant bonfire returns again. Yeovil Show Ground – doors open 5.30. Adults £6.00, children £3.00, family ticket £15.00.

Yeovil – Westland Leisure complex has a fireworks extravaganza from 6.30 pm £5 adult, £3.50 child.


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Horsington Blog Visitor statistics
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Horsington Parish Council meeting

This agenda is published in the form in which it was sent to the blog by David Chapman, the Parish Clerk.  The blog does not know the reason for the numbering of the items which seem to start at no 29. (Ed)

The Horsington Parish Councillors are:

Mrs J Wood
Mrs J Pyne
Mrs A Clayton
Mrs B Mann
Mr S Hawkins
Mr W Candy
Mr C James

Meeting 7.30pm on Thursday 14th July 2011

St Margaret’s Hall


Open Forum

29.       Members present and apologies

30.       Declaration of interest

31.       Approve the minutes of meeting on 9th June

32.       Matters arising from minutes

33.       Planning: as below plus others received by 14th July


1.   11/02289/FUL Mr D Blake, Lower Lodge, Lower Road, Horsingon  – erection of a single storey extension and single storey garden room to dwelling.

Determinations: none


34.      Finance:

  1. Authorise cheques.
  2. Money received.

35.      Play Area:

36.      Cemetery / Churchyard:

1.   Review charges.

2.   Church yard risk assessment.

37.      Footpaths:

38.       Horse Pond:

39.       Village Newsletter:

40. Correspondence:

1. Yeovil District Hospital – Newsletter.

2.   Community Council for Somerset – Acknowledgement of Subscription.

3.   Bus Community Partnership – Meeting & Poster.

4.   SSDC – Area East Bulletin.

41. Any other business of importance

Items for next agenda.

Date of next meeting 11th August 2011

If you have anything you wish to discuss, make your views known to your Parish Councillors before the August meeting and attend the Open Forum

Dogstapo tactics

DogNot everyone likes dogs, we admit, but bad dog behavior and fouling don’t seem to be a major problem in Horsington or the Cheritons.

So why have notices gone up around the villages warning that from July 1st dogs must be put and kept on a lead when an authorised officer of the South Somerset District Council directs you to do so?

Who is an “Authorised Officer”? On what grounds can he or she make this order? We are not told. (Presumably when  officious jobsworths think a dog is about to bite them –Ed).

From the same date, anyone who fails to clear up their dog mess on any public highway or open space (not private land) is liable to a fine of £1000. Yes, £1000!

How are the fantasists at Brympton Way going to enforce this legislation? Will there be a poopy patrol? A turd hotline? At what cost? Supposing you don’t have a spare £1000 lying around and you have run out of polythene bags? Anyway, shouldn’t  you be using biodegradable paper bags instead?

And, having taken the offending mess home, squelching in your pocket, which bin do you put it in? The green one? The black one? The brown one? Maybe someone in authority will explain, and at the same time tell us why the council does not have better things to do with their time and our money.

Tell us what you think -Ed. And what about the horses?