Poet’s corner: Lockdown Christmas

Polly Bristol, (Nee Erskine) was born and lived in Cheriton House. She’s a regular blog reader, though she no longer lives in the village. Is she the Blog’s answer to Pam Ayres? -Ed

‘ While shepherds watched their flocks by night All seated on the ground ‘We had a secret party
As the police were not around.

‘ God rest ye merry gentlemen
Yet nothing you dismay ‘
We are off to wine and dine and drink
Until Christmas Day.

‘ Angels from the Realms of Glory ‘
Send us music we can dance to
Whilst we flout the great ‘ lockdown ‘
‘ Tis the season to be merry
Kindly pass a glass of sherry,
We can sit and watch  ‘ The Crown ‘

‘ Away in a manger ..’
I’ve simply passed out!
It must be because of the rules that I flout.
Enough of Pandemics and Covid and ills
Of face masks and ‘ distance ‘ and millions of pills.
We live in the hope that we see Twenty One And last year has just been ‘ illegal fun ‘

Come on readers. Let’s have some more Christmas contributions -Ed

Hopes raised for 1 Gigabyte fibre broadband connection

Up to£3,500 available per connection in grants

We have been here before, but Wessex Internet have raised the possibility of a fibre broadband connection to Horsington Marsh which promises a sizzling 1 Gb/s connection, several orders of magnitude greater than the pathetic 1.7Mb/s we currently enjoy down on the Marsh

There’s Government money for it too. The Rural Gigabit Connectivity Voucher (RGCV) Scheme was announced in May last year and allows small/medium enterprises to claim a £3,500 (ex VAT) voucher and residents to claim a £1,500 (inc VAT) voucher towards a 1Gb/s capable connection.

Our area is currently with Wessex Internet’s surveying team to review and determine what sign up is required for full fibre to be extended to us. Once rhey have an idea of the likely demand they will then submit the area to the government for approval of RGCV’s.

If you want some of this, you MUST REGISTER with Wessex Internet . There is no obligation. Please register here: https://www.wessexinternet.com/iwantfullfibre/

Enter the Horsington School virtual balloon race

Horsington School is trying to raise funds via a virtual balloon race. No real balloons are involved, so no pollution or animal poisoning.

All you have to do is log in, buy some balloons, decorate them, and release them. The system then works out where they will land, taking account actual weather conditions on the day.

Have a go. You could win £500

The competition starts on October 31st

More details here

Beware the Amazon Scammers

Ed writes…

Are you getting irritating automated calls from Amazon threatening to take payments from your bank account for an Amazon Prime subscription?

“Press 1 to speak to an Amazon agent”.

This is a barefaced scam. Normally when you press ”1”, nothing happens, and you get disconnected.

But one day last week I pressed “1” and was connected to a Chinese-sounding lady who told me my account had been hacked and she would help me to stop the calls and track down the culprit.

I was out walking, but she said she would phone me back.  She told me to go to my computer and open a webpage called “Teamviewer”. I was then instructed to download some software.

Luckily I had already Googled “Amazon Prime scam”, which revealed that I was about to have my computer stripped bare of all financial data, passwords etc with a view to raiding my bank account.

I wasted the young lady’s time (and mine) for about ten minutes before accusing her of being, amongst several unprintable things, a common thief, and a filthy scammer.

To my amazement she went on protesting that she was from Amazon and was trying to help me!

If you receive these calls on a mobile phone, they are easy to block.  Just go to call history, click on the number and select “block number”.

Amazon is a huge and profitable company and surely has the resources to track down these criminals, who are causing serious damage to the company’s reputation.

More about Teamviewer software here

Horsington Open 2020- Results


Overall Winner of the Claret Jug – Scott Houghton 26pts
Division 1 winner (hcap <25) -Andrew Gordon 24pts
Div1 Runner-up Trevor Legg 24pts
Division 2 (hcap>25) Rob Acheson 23 pts
Div 2 runner up Mike Davies 23 pts

Best Team Horsington Hackers 57 pts
Runner up Shankers 53 pts
Nearest pin (hole 3) Mark Thirlwell (Sponsored by Nick Hudd)
Nearest pin in 2 (hole 6) Peter Gripper
Nearest Pin( hole 8) George Wagland


Scott Houghton28261
Andrew Gordon23252
Lee Williams21243=
David Blake17243=
Trevor Legg24243=
Steve Lovell20236=
Frank Skinner14236=
John Treasure17236=
Rob Acheson28236=
Mike Davies282210=
Kevin Roadaway142210=
Richard Case172210=
Steve Penny132113=
George Wagland182113=
Andre Blond162113=
Jack Newton232113=
Thomas Lakeman232113=
Tom Mallaburn262017=
Robin Price282017=
Sylvia Blackwell272017=
Nick Maynard201920=
Tim Weatherlilt131920=
Phil Warren281920=
Mac Grant131920=
James Chalke121920=
Howard Bentley-Marchant221920=
Colin Constable251920=
Gill Miles361920=
Mark Thirlwell161828=
Roman Franks181828=
William Wallace1828=
Peter Blackwell281828=
Nick Hudd131828=
Anthony Ward181828=
Damian Orton241828=
Colin Sandall231828=
Simon Ball261828=
Tony Brodie211737=
Denise Case211737=
Ian Osman161737=
Geoff Corani181737=
Kevin Jackson261737=
Phil Ragsdale121737=
Jeoff Hunt181644=
Pete Bastable231644=
Mark Warren241644=
Mark Sedwill181644=
Justin Brown121548=
Peter Gripper181548=
James Bastable171548=
Peter Munro241548=
June Ragsdale361548=
Terry White211548=
Dave Bowden231454=
Perran Newton231454=
Moira Roadaway361356=
Roger Jackson221356=
Tony Garrett161158=
Chris Bailward281158=
Malcolm Stobart221060=
Rob Wright261060=
Andy David28961=
Andrew Tarling24961=
Chris Hoare20961=
Simon Edlman18864=
Richard Gaunt28765=
Anthony Hodges23666=
Anthony Yateman28467=

Horsington Open: The Claret Jug returns to Horsington

The Horsington Open was held on Saturday. This annual charity golf competition, now in its 8th  year, was hotly contested at Henstridge Golf Club with a record entry of 68 socially distanced players. Horsingtonians turned out in force to support the event  – The Horsington Hackers, the Half Mooners, the Home Farm Harriers and Dentists on the Job all flew the flag for the village..

Scott Houghton from Templecombe, playing for the Horsington Hackers, carried off the Claret Jug, which now returns to its rightful place in the Half Moon. Peter Gripper and George Wagland, playing for the Half Moon,  won two of the three “Nearest the pin “ competitions. David Blake and the Warren family team,  the Horsington Hackers,  won the team prize, beating off a stiff challenge from the Foxcombe Flyers (Andre Blond and Damian Orton, with  Jack and Perran Newton); Richard and Denise Case put in a strong showing, along  with  Andrew Tarling and Nick Maynard, also representing the Half Moon. Chris Bailward’s team., The Home Farm Harriers managed to produce the division2 runner up, Rob Acheson.

Anthony Yateman fought off a spirited challenge from Richard Gaunt to secure last place with just 4 points.

Over £1200 was raised for charity, to be divvied up between St Margaret’s Hospice and the Somerset Air Ambulance.

A great day. Well done everyone.

Thanks to Jerry’s Electrical, Vale Motors and Totally Floored for some great prizes. And to Henstridge Golf Club, for presenting a course in terrific condition.

Winner Scott Houghton with the Claret Jug
The Horsington Hackers, winners of the Team prize. David Blake, Phil Warren, Mark Warren, Scott Houghton
The socially-distanced half Mooners- Peter Gripper, George Wagland, Nick Maynard and Andrew Tarling
The Home Farm Harriers – Rob Acheson, Gill Miles, Chris Bailward and Anthony Yateman
Dentists on the Job – Roman Franks, William Wallace, Tom Mallaburn and Richard Gaunt
George Wagland gives it one!
Andrew Tarling wields an invisible club!