Bank Holiday quiz is GO!

The Half Moon’s traditional Bank Holiday Quiz is on, despite the Coronavirus lockdown.

The quiz questions can be collected from a box at the Half Moon Inn on Sunday.

It will be in a sealed envelope (prepared 3 days before)

Entry is free.

Time allowed one hour. Teams as usual. Self scoring .No Google!

Answers will be released at 8pm on Sunday via The Horsington Blog

Please submit your score and team name via e-mail to

Results will be shared on the blog.

Good luck every one

Name that dog

New dog on the way? What the hell to call it? “Spot On” is a lovely book by Gail Garbutt from Mere. It’s a fun book with inspiring names for dogs. Arranged alphabetically and by themes, some poetry for a bit of emotion and interesting dog facts .

Great book if you need inspiration for a name for your mutt.

To obtail a copy, call or email Gail.

T: 01747 860446



VE Day thoughts

We are grateful to Chris Bailward for allowing us to publish this Facebook post about his late mother, Diana.

My father was a Japanese POW in Singapore so knew nothing about VE day and had not yet met my then 20 year old mother who, in many ways mercifully for her, died last January before Covid 19 really hit us. She was working near Bicester as a clerk for SOE and wrote in her diary “I simply can’t believe the European war is over, it’s been such a long time. I wish I could have gone to church today, I can’t think why there wasn’t a morning service anywhere. This is a day I shall never forget. At 1 minute past midnight all firing ceases. I’m relieved the war is over but, somehow, don’t want to go mad and rejoice, after all people are still fighting and being killed in the Far East. It’s been a long time. I can hardly remember what it was like before the War. I can’t visualise what it is going to be like now. I really feel I want to cry more than anything else. Oh God, thank heaven it is over but I do hope everyone will do their best to make this a better world now it is over.”


The late Diana Bailward, in her FANY uniform

It’s a load of rubbish

The recycling centre at Dimmer (Castle Cary) will re-open on Monday 26 May.

No commercial waste or asbestos or plasterboard. No trailers.

Check your car Reg. To avoid congestion, odd numbers only on Mondays Wednesday and Saturdays

Even numbers only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

9am-6pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

9am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays.

All closed on Thursdays

Coronavirus latest

According to “Somerset Live” , whose muddled and inconsistent reporting of Coronavirus figures has confused many (including your editor -Ed), here is the position at Thursday 7 May:

Cases in Somerset County – 549.

New cases are declining rapidly: April 29- 20, April 30 -14, May 1 -9, May 2 -8, May 3-3, May 4 -9 – May 5-1 (NHS England figures).

Hospital Deaths in Somerset County – 60 – of which 18 are in Yeovil Hospital.

Care Home deaths in Somerset   are difficult to report as no detailed figures are available. Somerset Live claims that deaths in care homes are around 50 per cent higher than usual for this time of year – that equates to 32 additional deaths, not all of which will be Conronairus-related.

The problem with Somerset Live is that they do not seem to understand local boundaries.

Somerset county consists only of  MendipSedgemoorSouth Somerset, and Somerset West and Taunton. They keep on including figures for Bath and North Somerset and do not provide figures for individual local authorities in the same report. A separate report on May 5th  states that 27 people have died in South Somerset from Coronavirus -related conditions.

The Blog understands that Yeovil Hospital is very quiet, with very few patients. People with out-patient appointments are being seen in “virtual consultations”, over the phone. Some 3,000 consultations took place during the first 5 weeks of lockdown.

Latest: The Castle Cary recycling centre will re-open on Tuesday May 26