The Blog says goodbye

The Horsington Blog, which has been serving the local community with news, gossip and jokes (sometimes) since 2011, is closing down its online version , but will continue on Facebook.

The reason is the arrival of Wessex Internet’s new fibre broadband service, which means our free publishing platform, provided by is no longer available.

A lot has changed since 2011. The Half Moon has gone and will shortly be followed by South Cheriton’s White Horse, and these closures have severely dented the Parish’s community spirit. And there is less to write about.

Over the years The Blog had warned if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, and you’ve lost it.

In it’s13 years of existence the Blog has supported and sponsored numerous village events – The annual cricket match against a London side, The Horsington Open Golf, and numerous events at the Half Moon and latterly the White Horse. It has published stories holding local government to account, some breaking news stories and  very funny April Fool spoofs.

Sadly, t’s time to call it a day.
However we will continue to publicise events on FaceBook

And we highly recommend the fairly new Horsington & South Cheriton Community public  on Facebook, run by Steve Miles, which is doing an excellent job.

For a trip down memory lane, have a look at one of the Blog’s earliest attempts to entertain people. Still as relevant today, except there are no pubs to go to!

Goodbye from Silas Silage, Winterborne Longjohns, Mrs Badger, Sir George Paddock and Claire Voyant, our esteemed correspondents


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