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Wessex Internet have joined the fray to pitch for a fibre broadband network connection into every home in the village.

Our last story featured Openreach. Their proposed network only covered 43 homes in selected postcodes at a cost of £2310 per dwelling (less the associated Government grant)

Wessex have come up with a scheme which will eventually connect nearly every house in Horsington, FREE (providing enough people sign up)

The Proposed Wessex scheme has 3 Zones – North Cheriton, South Cheriton and Horsington , including the Marsh. North and South Cheriton will be connected first, and Horsington later.

Under the Openreach proposal, we would need to  form a limited company to sign a contact to carry out the work. Everyone would have had to pay a deposit.

The Wessex scheme merely requires everyone to sign up  on line to declare they are interested. No money, providing you allow Wessex to apply for a voucher on your behalf.

You are strongly urged to do this, even if you have already signed up for Openreach. You have no liability until you sign an actual contract.

You can sign up HERE. Do it now! It costs nothing. Talk to your neighbours. (Not everyone reads The Blog.)

Some things to bear in mind:

  1. This is only viable if a significant proportion of the population signs up

2. The cost will be covered by Government grants -£1500 for homes, £3500 for businesses.

3. If not enough people sign up, IT WON’T HAPPEN.

4 .Research shows that your house goes up in value with a fast broadband connection and is easier to sell.

5. The Wessex scheme will require you to have a contract for their internet service starting at £29 pm.. This may mean a new email address etc. If you have a contract with someone else, you can switch over when your contract ends.

Wessex internet will be organising public meetings in Horsington or North Cheriton village halls to explain everything and answer questions.

Watch this space, as they say.

Our advice: At this early stage, sign up for both Openreach and Wessex, so you can compare the cost and disruption levels before going ahead. But Wessex looks like the winner.

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More about the fibre installation

The Installation of Broadband into a community has several stages

We are only at Stage 1

Stage 1 Registering interest. Wessex internet need to know what households want the service and then need to ensure there are enough of them  to make the scheme financially viable. Please make sure your neighbours know about this and are on board.

Stage 2 Planning. They have to map the proposed routes of the cables and negotiate with local landowners. We hope they will be sympathetic (they get a lifetime discount on services!) The cable laying process is as non-invasive as possible and uses “Mole ploughs”. The Clay around Horsington is ideal.

Stage 3 Building the network. The mole ploughs get to work, going under services like water mains. The teams have agricultural experience and understand farming. All land disruption is made good

Stage 4 Connecting customers. Wessex aims to treat gardens with care when the fibre cables are laid to houses

Stage 5 Complete. Sizzling broadband speeds. No more jerky movies or blank periods.

More information from Wessex Internet

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