Have your money ready at Bristol Airport

Once upon a time you could happily drive into Bristol Airport and drop off or pick up passengers for free.

There was outrage when they started charging £1 to deposit or collect a passenger. In October 2019 it went up to £3.00. Now it has gone up to £4.00 for a maximum 10 minute stay.

It seems grossly unfair that one should be charged at all for the privilege of simply dropping off or collecting people at a public airport for a few moments. The same principle applies to any public transport hub, such as railway or bus stations.

Bristol Airport has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on new barriers, payment systems, number plate recognition and all the paraphernalia of the Big Brother society. Someone has to pay for it -You.

If you want to avoid the charge you can park for nothing in a waiting zone near the Silver Zone Car park, where there is (allegedly) a courtesy bus to the terminal. We have doubts about its frequency or availability before dawn or in the middle of the night, when many holiday flights arrive and depart.

Or you can simply not travel. Why leave Somerset at all?

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