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We hope you took the trouble to read Peter Munro’s article on setting younger people free from the Corona-virus lock down. His claim that schoolchildren were unlikely to catch or pass on Corona virus has been fully vindicated in Today’s “Daily Telegraph. Another scoop for your Blog!

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  1. The concern is not one of whether children will die, the risk of that has been stated as very low since the outset. The risk is of contagion between pupils, staff, parents and others involved with the school. The information about children’s ability to carry the disease and pass it on to others that are more vulnerable remains sparse and therefore a cautious approach seems sensible. Or does the blog advocate the country adopts a ‘fingers crossed and hope for the best’ approach to public health as well as to the economy?

    1. The Blog itself is neutral, and is a platform for people to express their views. But the writer was quite specific that people over 60 should face some restrictions and that everyone else, health permitting, should go back to work, respecting social distancing guidelines and minimising physical contact with others, as appropriate.-Ed

  2. May I reply to the welcome comments made by David Clark and Mark Tucker on my article “Let’s get moving”
    Considering David Clark first. My proposal that those over 65 or 70 stems from the urgent need to get the NHS as a whole running at full throttle as soon as possible – it now seems clear that more people are dying from untreated conditions than are from COVID-19. Whilst the hospitals remain almost entirely focussed on treating those infected with the virus this is impossible. We therefore need to minimise the number of people who are sufficiently badly affected to need hospital treatment. We know that in April 96.7% of those who died were over 65 and it must be a reasonable extrapolation to say that 96.7% of those treated in hospital were also over 65. To reduce this number and so to allow hospitals to move forward we need to do something to keep older people free of infection and I am simply suggesting that we keep them out of crowded spaces which could be infection-rich. I am not suggesting that they be kept way from their children and grandchildren towards whom they should use some circumspection.

    My reply to Mark Tucker is this. If you accept my overall premise that everyone under say 65 should, because the probability of serious infection or death in this age group is very small, get back to work then you have to accept that schools should open immediately. Given the application of some simple rules such as cleaning surfaces and common sense teachers are at no greater risk than the rest of the working population. As I have proposed above granny and grandpa should handle youngsters with care. There are a mass of well-rehearsed arguments in favour of the full opening of schools and none against which bear scrutiny.

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