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Brigadier John Deverill
Brigadier John Deverill

If events in the Middle East are beyond your grasp, then come to Horsington Church on Friday 27 March.

Brigadier (retired) John Deverell CBE MPhil(Cantab) is giving a talk on “People and Events in the Middle East today”.

With 10 years’ experience in the Middle East as an army Officer,  a diplomat, and  as a businessman, Brigadier Deverell will talk about his experience of this most topical and complex region

He has enjoyed postings with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem and Yemen.

In Iraq he was instrumental in disproving the pre-war intelligence on the weapons of mass destruction WMD) as the senior British officer in the Iraq Survey Group. He presented his findings on the TV programme Panorama.

In Libya he advised the Gaddafi regime on how they would benefit from giving up their WMD programmes.

In Yemen his work with local officials helped avoid war in the wake of 9/11.

In the Palestinian Territories he was the only British government servant to live and work full time.  He was at the forefront of US and British efforts to reform the Palestinian security sector as a basis for a Two-State Solution. In this role John worked alongside Quartet Representative Tony Blair and General Jim Jones, thereafter the U.S. National Security Adviser.

John has spent time in almost every Middle Eastern country and, since leaving the Army, continues to work in the region – most recently in Lebanon.

He now runs Deverell Associates, working with commercial companies to advise them on Enterprise Risk Management and crisis management at home and abroad. He summarises his work as being about “the Prepared Mind”.

The talk is at 7.30.

The proceeds from the talk will be divided between
UNWRA for Palestinian refugees – and Horsington Church
A donation of £8.00 is suggested and will include refreshments

contact: Rosemarie Wigley 01963 371478 or Jane Jones 01963 370562

There is a related talk the previous Sunday on National Security issues at Fifehead Magdalene Church by Senior Home Office man Mark Sedwill. See separate post– Ed

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