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The Blog has received a post from William Wallace, district councillor for Blackmore Vale

Following your report regarding the Templecombe, Slades Hill application for 100 houses etc., both Tim Inglefield and William Wallace made extensive representations to the Inspector of the planning appeal in writing and indeed William was able to attend the winding up on Friday afternoon. These can be long ,drawn out and not very exciting affairs but we await the results with interest.   Good point about poor access to the website at SSDC . –I will look into it. –Regards – William Wallace. County Councillor and District Councillor for the Blackmore Vale.

The point was not poor access to the SSDC website, but that there was no indication that the planning appeal was on, and therefore no opportunity for interested parties to attend. -Ed

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  1. What was the decision on the application? Searching the Internet but can’t seem to find the outcome.

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