Parish Council discusses Templecombe development

Outline planning permission is being sought for a 100- unit housing estate with associated retail unit, employment area, community building, area for potential school expansion, public open space, allotments, together with new access, at Slades Hill, Templecombe, near  the border with Horsington.

The 6.57 hectare site (16 and a quarter acres) lies to the east of the A 357 at Slades Hill, and surrounds an existing housing development, Blackmoor Vale Close. The site also borders the Thales site and the School.

The council’s website has plenty of objections, which may be summarised as “Templecombe does not need this development, it will alter the character of the village considerably, and there are plenty of other similar developments in Wincanton, Sherborne and Yeovil”

The proposed development has been on the cards for some 10 years, and a previous application in 2005 was withdrawn.

Horsington Parish Council discussed it at the last meeting on Thursday 13 September, and it will be interesting to hear what they said.

The Blog gives the scheme a resounding “NO”.

More details

Slades Hill development
The site of the proposed housing development at Templecombe

We understand the Horsington Parish Council also dislikes the proposal, and is sending a couple of representatives as observers to a meeting with planning officers to discuss the scheme. We will keep you informed -Ed

Stop Press: The Templecombe protesters website is

2 thoughts on “Parish Council discusses Templecombe development”

  1. Thank you Horsington Blog. Its lovely to know that other villages care as much as we do about Templecombe. Late last year we set up a website for comments on this proposed development and we have a simple map which is easier to access than those on the actual planning application on South Somerset Planning website.
    I would ask anyone who feels able to email the planning department with their comments before 27th Septemeber as we really need to make it clear to everyone that this is not a development a village the size of Templecombe can support.
    Just to make you all aware that Abbas &Templecombe Parish Council will be having a special meeting on Tuesday 18th September at 7pm to discuss the application and a Planning Officer will attend – By the way the link straight to the planning application from this blog is an excellent idea.

    Stop Press: The Templecombe protesters website is

  2. This seems to be an excellent opportunity to improve Templecombe. One of the chief assets of the Village is the railway which gives good transport links to anywhere between London and Exeter. The field in question is of little environmental or landscape merit. A housing development sympathetic to its surroundings (and let’s face it the Thales site is hardly beautiful) which makes proper provision for local shopping and community facilities seems a project worth pursuing. What’s not to like?

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