Slate or tile? It’s important (apparently)

Many of us were surprised to learn that even the parish church needs to apply for planning permission, even for alterations.

The Blog’s planning applications section reveals that they want to change the external roof covering on the south aisle from clay tiles to Welsh slate. The reason for the change is that the existing roof  has too shallow a pitch for clay tiles, and is therefore vulnerable to water penetration. Slate tiles will provide better protection, according to the consultants employed by the church.

Horsington Parish Council discussed this application at their last meeting.   Surprisingly, Two Councillors were in favour, but three Councillors were opposed. One abstained because he/she felt that they needed further information.

The meeting recognised that the roof needs repairing but one Councillor, who has experience in roofing, reported that there are tiles on the market that are suitable for roofs with a pitch down to 15 degrees, and the council felt that this option should be investigated before the option of replacing the tiles with slates is taken.

Relations between the church and the parish council are said to be “strained”. Oh dear.

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